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Ethnic Tapestries

The Tapestry of our Community

The Forgiven Christian Community is called into a healthy multiethnic ministry in which people of diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds will themselves to:

  • Walk, work, and worship God together as one to advance a credible witness of God’s love for all people.

  • Recognize, renew, reconcile, and redeem broken relationships, both interpersonal and collective.

  • Establish equitable systems of responsible authority, leadership, governance, and accountability within the Forgiven community.

  • Advocate and advance justice, mercy, and compassionate work where we live.

  • Embrace the tension of sound theological  practice, reflection and sound application in an increasingly complex and intersectional society for the sake of the Gospel.

Part of the Mosaix Global Network

Therefore, we will promote Christian fellowship where the gospel is displayed, the New Covenant is lived out, and each member of the body of Christ is cared for in community.

Our Vision

Our vision is summarized in proclaiming an eternal God in personal relationship with us, in context with the biblical and historical influences that have shaped the contemporary, visible church, and in the power of life-changing spiritual revival.

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Our Mission
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Our Core Values

  • The Eternal and Living Triune God 

  • The Authority and Sufficiency of the Bible

  • The Centrality of the Gospel in Worship

  • The Centrality of the Gospel in Preaching

  • The Centrality of the Gospel in Evangelism

  • The Centrality of the Body of Christ in Community

  • The Centrality of Trusting in God 

  • The Centrality of Christian Fellowship in Community

To learn more about our Core Values, click here.

Meet the Founding Couple

Pastor Jerry and Barbara Komorech are the founding couple of Forgiven Christian Community, a new and fresh ministry, with a focus to “seek and to save those who were lost.” They take literally the words of Paul to the church in Ephesus: “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as Christ God forgave you” (Ephesians 4:32). 

Jerry and Barbara love God and the people of God and count it a great privilege to proclaim an eternal God in personal relationship with us, while equipping the Forgiven community in the power of life-changing spiritual revival. 
They view their first ministry to each other, sharing 37 years of marriage as devoted and loving husband and wife. Pastor Jerry and Barbara are partners in life, partners in love and partners in purpose.

Learn more about Pastor Jerry and Barbara HERE.


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