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About Being in Forgiven Christian Community


Our mission is to glorify the eternal God in personal relationship with us, and extend His kingdom proclaiming the truth through the power of life-changing spiritual revival in the world.


Forgiven is central because it is by God's forgiveness that we are even here. He has seen fit to assemble this body of believers to exalt His Son, Jesus Christ -- the One whose death and resurrection gives us peace with God and the hope of heaven. You will find that His forgiveness is the common thread that runs through every ministry and expression of worship here.


Christian means that we have encountered the true and living God, and that we have undergone a change in our heart and soul. It means that we are not restricted to the laws of right and wrong having to please God, because we know we cannot please God by what we do. It means that we are changed on the inside -- not controlled from the outside. God will only find pleasure in us through Jesus Christ. To be a Christian means to follow Christ, to desire Him, to fellowship with Him, to be changed by Him, and to bring glory to Him in our life.

Community is likewise significant. It suggests both genuine fellowship within and an open door to those around us. As members of one body, we seek to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:3). As a light in our community, we are a place of peace for those in chaos, a place of forgiveness for the guilty, and a place of hope for the hopeless.


And even more, community is significant because of its absolute uniqueness. Gathering as a community of believers is mandated by God - it is essential - as revealed in His Word. It is His designation for the assembly of people called by His name. As such, our course has been charted by God; our destiny has been planned by God; our members have been chosen by God; our purposes have been defined by God.


We trust you will discover God's forgiveness and community among us. Our prayer is that we bring honor to His name as we are called, Christian.

Our Mission

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